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Telephony options

Telephony options for remote access




Action needed prior

Receiving internal and external calls made to an extension

Amend voicemail announcement, and invite a message which is then forwarded via email (as a sound file). If relevant the caller can be called back directly.1

Set forwarding within the voicemail system so that all calls are passed on to an external number.2


Register for use3.

Participation in call centre or group working

Set forwarding within the voicemail system so that all calls are passed on to an external number, dependent on whether the call centre operator is logged in or not4.


Voiceform and call handling should be in place.4 Staff require the client to login or out as an operator (and be in a position to receive calls). Should be discussed with ITS prior.

Voice conferencing


Three (or more) way conversations are straightforward as long as one of the participants is on a College extension5


No setup required.


Pick up voicemail messages remotely

Readily available.6



No setup required for those using the college voicemail

Making telephone calls on College business from remote locations

Obscure CLI if required, and recharge call costs to the College


Agreement of line manager










  1. The suggested protocol would be for staff to leave a message saying something like “I’m working away from the College at present. If you leave a message I will receive notification and the message by email. Alternatively, contact X”

  2. Instructions for voicemail forwarding will be made available following a voicemail system upgrade.

  3. Register for Remote Desktop Connection or to receive voicemail messages via email.

  4. Voice forms are call handling systems, and need to be setup, tested and be in use well in advance. This probably only applies where there is a long term requirement.

  5. Voice conferences can be easily setup from any college extension by: 1) make the first call. 2) Hit recall (R), and dial the number of the third participant; 3) when connected, hit recall (R) * 4. Repeat as often as necessary.

  6. Voicemail quick reference guide