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<strong>Configuring the Birkbeck VPN using Apple Mac OS X</strong>

Macintosh operating systems are not supported by ITS, and these notes are provided for guidance only. This guide was prepared using OS X 10.4.2.

Please ensure that you have read the VPN introduction giving a brief background to the VPN service, before configuring your computer.

Click on Macintosh HD Mac Hard disk icon then click on "applications", then " internet connect"Mac Internet connect icon

A screen similar to the one below appears

Mac network settings with airport tab highlighted

click on VPN icon mac padlock iconwhich displays

check the "pptp" option, and click continue

Mac popup for VPN - PPTP

Enter the server address details of the Birkbeck VPN server ( or for staff; for students), and your ITS username and password.

MAC VPN PPTP screen with details completed

VPN timer connection displayappears in the menu bar (as long as "show vpn status in menu bar" is checked), and to disconnect, click on the "disconnect" button.

VPN PPTP screen showing disconnect button

If you have successfully connected, you may want to save the settings. Click on the drop-down menu for "configuration" and select "edit configurations".

mac vpn pptp screen with other configuration box visible

A screen similar to the shot below appears, and you should fill in the description, server address and account name fields, leave the other fields as the default.

Mac VPN Edit configurations box

Click ok.

The next time you click on "internet connect", the Birkbeck settings will be the default, and by entering your password, you can connect without entering the other settings. Alternatively, click on the mac vpn connection symbol icon in the menu bar. You will be invited to enter your password.

Once connected, there are three main services which are available:

  1. Access to electronic resources as if located on the Birkbeck network, particularly important if IP address validation is required.
  2. Use of Birkbeck SMTP servers for the sending of mail external to the college from imap and pop clients.
  3. Access to network filestore located at Birkbeck. See below for details.

Connecting to a Windows Network Share on a Mac (Running OS X)

In the Finder, choose 'Go' then 'Connect to Server...'

Mac finder image showing "connect to server"

Type the network address for the computer in the Server Address text box, along with the sharename (normally your username) using one of these formats:

smb://DNSname/sharename eg smb://


smb://IPaddress/sharename eg smb://

mac "connect to server" screen shot

Follow the onscreen instructions to type the workgroup name (ccsacademic) and your ITS username and password, and choose the shared folder you want to access.

Mac file authentication login box

The shared drive will then show up as an Icon on your desktop (like 'AEFShare' shown below).

portion of mac desktop showing share name