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Regulations and policies

Here you will find links to the regulations and policy documents that govern use of the computing facilities at Birkbeck.


Birkbeck College Computing Regulations pdf format
These regulations apply to any user (including all members of the College) using any computing facility of the College (including computers, communication networks, software, and all computer-based information systems) for any purpose (including teaching, research and administration).


JANET Acceptable Use Policypdf format
Acceptable Use Policy for all UK Academic networks. The College Computing Regulations require all students and staff to be familiar with this policy.
Acceptable Use of IT Services Workstation Rooms
Although ITS are reluctant to suspend student accounts, anyone found to be acting in such a way that they cause disruption to others or breaches of security is liable to have their account suspended.
Birkbeck Policy on Staff Use of Electronic Mail, Internet and Telecommunication Facilities
Sets out what is regarded as acceptable use by College staff of email, internet and telecommunication facilities and the general circumstances under which interception and or retention of copies of communications or monitoring of an individual's use of these facilities may occur.
Birkbeck Network Security Policy
In order to safeguard the stability, integrity and security of the College IT network, steps need to be taken by ITS and each School / Department to ensure that machines under their control are properly managed to minimise the risks. The objectives of this policy are to ensure that the College’s IT network and computing facilities are adequately protected against misuse or abuse.
Data Protection Policy at Birkbeck
Data Protection Code of Practice at Birkbeck
The Data Protection Act 1998 places an obligation upon Birkbeck, as a data controller, to collect and use personal data in a responsible and accountable fashion. Birkbeck College is committed to ensuring that every current employee and registered student complies with this Act to ensure the confidentiality of any personal data held by the College in whatever medium.
Wireless Network Policy
Anyone using the Birkbeck Wireless Network needs to read and agree to the terms of this policy.

CHEST General Licence Terms and Conditions for Software

Regarding use of software purchased under a CHEST (Combined Higher Education Software Team) agreement.
College Policy on Internet Domain Names

Mobile and Remote Device Security Policy


Birkbeck College Guidelines on the Responsible Use of Electronic Mail
Includes good email practice and unnacceptable activities. Serious breaches of the guidelines could result in withdrawal of access to email
Safeguarding of Academic and Research Data word format

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