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***RESOLVED*** Slow login for some customers

Logins for some customers are taking up to 20 minutes. Once logged in, the system performs normally. Subsequent logins are not affected and appear to login normally.

IT Services are aware of a problem being experienced by some customers this morning relating to long login times. Whilst the first login takes a long time, please be patient while we investigate. Your login will complete, even though it may take a long time.

Once logged in, systems are responding normally and as expected, in addition, Subsequent logins are not affected are completed within a normal time frame.

Investigation is currently focused on the OfficeScan anti-virus system.

12:00 Confirmed that the slow login is a result of the OfficeScan anti-virus pushing 7 updates out to client machines during the login process - slowing it down. Unfortunately, this can't be altered at present. In the future, OfficeScan updates will be decoupled from the login process, reducing the impact on customer.

We apologise for the delay your are experiencing.

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