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Phishing email

An email purporting to be from a Birkbeck lecturer has been sent to a number of staff. It asks them to click on a link in order to access a new email service. Please DO NOT click the link, this is a PHISHING email

A number of you have forwarded an email purporting to be from a lecturer at Birkbeck. Thank you to those of you who spotted this and raised it.

This is a phishing email designed to harvest your login credentials.

It appears the user account of one of our staff may have been compromised and been used to send a large number of phishing emails. In this instance we have blocked the link and will contact anyone who “clicked the link” from a device on the Birkbeck network. The “sender” has also been contacted to make him aware and to change his password.

This serves as a timely reminder of the importance to please keep your password safe – it is important.

Ensure your password is strong, not known to others, and is not easy to guess - see here:

If you think your account may have been compromised, you must contact the IT Services helpdesk immediately – details below.

Some identifiers to help spot this as a phishing email:

1. This purports to be about a new email system

       - ITS would normally announce this several times and provide notice

       - ITS would also ensure information were provided in College web-sites as corroboration/further details – for example, visit the IT Services News page to find this article

2. The use of language is not right – there are a number of grammar and syntactic errors (not that we’re immune to those!). In this type of communication, there would normally be a contact number to speak to the IT Service desk.

3. Hover over the “CLICK-HERE” link (do NOT click it!) – the address shown is not a Birkbeck address. Most legitimate Birkbeck addresses have the following format:



We also maintain a list of other sites that are used by Birkbeck here:

For further information, please view 

If you have any questions, please contact the IT Services team at or call 020 7631 6543

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