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Essential Maintenance

Filer1 brief shutdown overnight tonight (Monday 19 Sept.)

Overnight tonight ITS will be shutting down Filer1 briefly for essential maintenance.

The primary service that will be affected will be the CIFS service that provides access to all the windows shares on Filer1.

This will affect all Staff and Students as access to all shares on Filer1 (home folders, profile folders and departmental shares) will not be available during this period.

This work is expected to start shortly after 23.00 tonight.

While services are expected to be resumed within an hour or two, services should be considered 'at risk' until the end of the Tuesday morning slot reserved for essential maintenance that ends at 10.00.

It is recommended that Staff shutdown their PC's overnight tonight. If PC's are left on overnight, please be expected to reboot your PC in the morning to regain access to shares on Filer1.

We will update Service News to advise when services have been resumed.

Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.

IT Services.

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