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Protecting Personal Data

Data protection is the responsibility of all Birkbeck staff and the consequences of data loss can be very significant.

You are no doubt aware that data theft and associated fraudulent activities are on the rise. This is undoubtedly related to the rapid growth in the use of online services – people are becoming ever more used to transacting online, including the exchange of large amounts of personal and financial data. Consequently there is an increasing risk fraudsters are able to obtain this sort of personal information.

The risks that face the rest of the world also affect Birkbeck. As an organisation we rely on the data we hold on our staff and students to ensure the institution runs effectively. We need to hold and use this data, but we are legally and morally bound to do so in a way that minimises the risks inherent in doing so. It is therefore incumbent on us to take note of the increased risk we face and act accordingly.  

Please be aware of the following areas of data use and your responsibilities to protect personal data held by the College.

  • Report data loss and fraudulent activity
  • Protect your user account
  • Be aware of fraudulent attempts to obtain personal information such as ‘phishing emails’
  • Bulk emailing
  • Obtaining, storing, handling & appropriately disposing of personal data

It is imperative that we all work together to ensure that the data we are entrusted with is looked after appropriately for the good of our staff and students as individuals, and the college as a whole. Please remember that while this email is primarily concerned with personal data that we hold and process, the same guidelines apply to all forms of confidential data.

Above all else if you are unsure about anything regarding the above, or in any other respect of data protection, please contact in the first instance for advice and guidance.