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Applications for promotion from Lecturer to Senior Lecturer

Eligible Academic staff wishing to apply for promotion to Senior Lecturer should apply to the Lecturer to Senior Lecturer Review Panel by following the procedure as detailed in the left hand menu on the forms published for use within the current round.

Promotion to Senior Lecturer is on merit, but is subject to the limited financial resources of Birkbeck.  Applicants will be considered for promotion to Senior Lecturer on the basis of performance in:

a. Research

b. Teaching & Supporting Learning

c. Administration & Academic Management

Please note that questions regarding the process and procedures of this promotion panel should be addressed to Paul Cooper, HR Officer (


  • For promotion to Senior Lecturer competent performance to a high standard (C rating) is required in all three areas: research, teaching & supporting learning, and administration & academic management.

  • The Panel will give equal weight to research, teaching & supporting learning and administration & academic management.

  • It is accepted that an applicant need not demonstrate a very high standard of performance (B rating) or exceptional performance (A rating) in all three areas.

  • Exceptional performance (A rating) is normally required in one area, however, B rating in two or three areas may be judged by the panel to be the equivalent of A rating in one.

  • Where personal circumstances have significantly impacted performance output volumes, and where this potentially mitigating information is disclosed by the applicant, appropriate consideration will be given to this within the review process (see the procedure in the left hand menu for details).


  1. All non-probationary Academic staff will be invited annually to submit applications for promotion to the position of Senior Lecturer to the Academic Staff Promotion Review Panel (Lecturer to Senior Lecturer).

  2. The Review Panel normally consists of the Master (Chair), Vice Master, four Pro-Vice Masters and eight members of the College's senior Academic staff.  A member of Human Resources will attend in capacity of manager of the process and adviser on procedure. A local UCU official will be invited to attend in the capacity of Observer.

  3. If a staff member wishes to apply for promotion to Senior Lecturer, he or she must prepare an application using the standard application form current for that year and all sections must be completed.  No additional appendices will be accepted other than that relating to a disclosure of personal circumstances (see point 5).  Applications which are not made on the standard application form may be rejected at the point of submission (if submitted in good time) or may be unsuccessful for this reason.

  4. All applicants should take care to ensure their application form is as concise as possible. Applications which clearly prioritise the key achievements underpinning the case, as would be expected in an external recruitment process, are likely to be much more informative for the panel than those which simply list all activities. e.g. an academic promoted to Senior Lecturer in 2013/2014 applying for promotion to Conferment of Title in 2016/17, should focus on progress made since their promotion in 2013/2014 in their application. Similarly, the panel will have access to the feedback given on any unsuccessful applications made in the past 3 years and candidates are strongly advised to ensure that their application addresses this, as it will inform the panels deliberations

  5. In their application those applying must nominate two referees who are not employees of Birkbeck College, at least one of whom should be employed at a university outside the University of London.  It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure that the referees are willing to act in this capacity.

  6. All Academics applying for promotion must confirm that they have completed an Academic Review in the last 12 months. Applications for panels (2017/18 and onwards) will require applicants to have fellowship status of the Higher Education Academy (HEA).

  7. Applicants are encouraged to disclose any personal circumstances which they believe the consequences of which to have significantly impacted upon the volume of their output(s) with particular focus on the last five years. In order that consideration can be given to all relevant factors, staff are encouraged to indicate any individual circumstances that they feel may have significantly impacted upon the volume of output, and can do so by completing the Personal Circumstances form found in the application section of this procedure

  8. The applicant must then email their application (along, if relevant with the Disclosure of Personal Circumstances form) to both Paul Cooper ( and to their Executive Dean by Friday 24 November 2017.

  9. The Executive Dean will nominate an additional referee who is not an employee of Birkbeck College and inform Human Resources by Tuesday 5 December 2017.

  10. The Executive Dean must consult the applicant’s Assistant Dean (for Subject area) and may consult other colleagues in completing the Executive Dean's Recommendation for each applicant.  The Executive Dean will then email the form to Paul Cooper ( and send a copy to the Assistant Dean by Friday 9 February 2018.

  11. Human Resources will contact the applicants approximately two weeks before the Panel papers are circulated to gather any information on significant updates or changes to personal circumstances post submission of the application in the previous term.

  12. Human Resources will send the Panel members the applicant’s application, the references received, plus the Executive Dean's Recommendation.  Any Disclosure of Personal Circumstances will be shared only with the Chair of the Panel and the one member of the Panel who is appointed to introduce the application (see 13. below).

  13. The panel will take place on Wednesday 14 March 2018.

  14. When the Panel meets, it will have the discretion to seek also one or more independent external references if, after discussion, this is considered to be necessary.  Where this is done, applicants shall be informed of the name(s) of the independent referee(s).  In such circumstances the Master (or nominee) may decide that a second meeting of the Panel will be held to consider the additional reference(s) and to reach a decision.

  15. No Panel ratings for the same applicant shall be carried over from one year to the next in respect of previous applications. The Panel will, however, have a report of the applicant’s previous applications and their outcome in the last three years.

  16. Each application will be introduced to the Panel, wherever possible, by a Panel member from the same School but different Department to the applicant. All members of the Panel will participate in discussion and voting where necessary on all applicants irrespective of School affiliations and at all times will be required to exercise a College responsibility. Voting within a Panel shall be open.

  17. In exceptional cases, the Panel may consider that an application might meet the criteria either for a Readership or Chair. In such cases, the Chair of the Panel will refer the application to the Conferment of Title Panel, by circulation of correspondence, for a decision to be made by that other Review Panel.

  18. Applicants will be advised in writing by the Chair of the Panel of the outcome of their application.  Please refer to the General notes.

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