Human Resources

Progress during academic probation period

7.1 During the probation period, the Probationary Advisor and Assistant Dean should, on a regular basis, monitor and give feedback to the probationer on all probation requirements as follows:

  1. Teaching;

    • is the probationer making satisfactory progress on the PGCE:HE programme if they are required to attend? Is the probationer performing satisfactorily in their teaching duties?

  2. Research;

    • is the probationer making satisfactory progress against the criteria for research?

  3. Management and Administration;

    • is the probationer producing work that is of a high standard and managing their administrative duties effectively?

  4. General Performance;

    • is the probationer performing satisfactorily in the areas of teamwork, relationships with peers and students, communication skills, work quality and output and attendance?

7.2 It is recommended that discussions between the Probationary Advisor and probationer regarding the above points should take place formally at least every 3 months during the first year of appointment, every 6 months thereafter, and informally on a more frequent basis. The feedback discussions should highlight areas where the probationer is doing well and areas for improvement.

7.3 Where areas for improvement have been identified, the Probationary Advisor (with advice from the Assistant Dean where necessary) should investigate with the probationer how these improvements can be made.

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