Birkbeck, University of London Human Resources

Academic probation procedure

(Lecturer Grade ‘A’ or Grade ‘B’ and Senior Academic Staff)


1.1 All academic staff appointed to the College shall normally serve an academic probationary period as follows:

  1. Probation length of three years for Lecturer Grade ‘A’ or Grade ‘B’;

  2. Probation length of two years for Senior Academic Staff (Senior Lecturer, Reader or Professor),

after which time they may be confirmed in their appointment. 

1.2 The inclusion of a formal academic probationary period in a new member of staff’s contract of employment indicates an obligation on the part of Birkbeck to supervise properly a staff member’s progress during their probationary period.

1.3 During this academic probation period, the probationer will receive support from a Probationary Advisor (a senior academic colleague usually from the same school), appropriate Assistant Dean and the Executive Dean.

1.4 At the end of the academic probationary period, confirmation in post will be subject to the College’s Academic Probationary Review Panel taking the view that the probationer has met the requirements of the academic probation procedure.

1.5 It is the role of the probationer, Assistant Dean and Probationary Advisor to ensure that they are familiar with the academic probation procedures and that they comply with the probation scheme’s requirements.

1.6 A copy of this procedure will be given to the probationer with the contract of employment.

1.7 The Human Resources Team is available to provide guidance and direction to Assistant Deans and Executive Deans and Probationary Advisors in the implementation of all stages of the Academic Probation Procedure and to provide advice and support throughout the whole process, including the Appeal Procedure.

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Date printed: 20/08/2018