Human Resources

The Role of the Probationary Advisor

The Probationary Advisor is responsible for:

  1. Ensuring that the probationer understands fully what is required of them in their appointment.

  2. Ensuring that the probationer is completely familiar with the procedures governing the academic probationary period and understands the criteria for successfully completing academic probation;

  3. Being available to the probationer at designated times to discuss any points concerning the job which may need clarification;

  4. Advising the probationer, in consultation with the Director of the PGCE:HE Programme with regard to their progress on the PCGE:HE  programme;

  5. Monitoring the probationer’s teaching load and research activities and (in consultation with the Assistant Dean) to ensure that the duties and consequent workload allocated are appropriate.  It is important that a probationer should be allocated a lighter than average teaching and administrative load;

  6. Assessing student evaluation forms from students on the probationer’s teaching.

  7. Observing at least three classes taught by the probationer.

  8. Arranging for the probationer to observe an experienced teacher’s classes;

  9. Ensuring that the necessary probationary records are kept in strict accordance with the procedure;

  10. Assisting and guiding the probationer when difficulties are encountered and to take forward any decisions arising from the Academic Probationary Review Panel.

  11. Actively managing the probationer’s performance and ensuring that shortcomings are addressed.

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