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Study leave: Examination, revision and coursework

Members of staff sitting examinations on degree or related courses, or other professional qualification (non-degree) courses funded by the College, are entitled to take one day’s paid leave for each day on which they sit an examination, plus one day’s paid study leave for revision purposes for each examination.

Entitlement to paid exam leave, paid study leave for each examination and paid study leave for each piece of summative coursework is provided up to a ceiling of 10 days per annum at the line manager’s discretion (pro rata for part-time staff).

Members of staff completing summative coursework (i.e. coursework contributing to the overall mark of a degree course), as a substitute to exams, may be permitted two day’s paid leave for each piece of summative coursework at the line manager’s discretion.

Study leave for exams, revision and completing summative coursework is in addition to a member of staff’s normal annual leave entitlement.

The dates of leave for exams are fixed by the examining College, University or Professional Body. Scheduling of all other study leave is to be agreed with the staff member undertaking study, and is at the discretion of their line manager.

Where the degree or related course or other external professional qualification (non-degree) course is not funded by the College, staff are entitled to paid leave for exams, summative coursework and revision only if the member of staff’s line manager is satisfied that the proposed course of study would assist the member of staff’s work and career development and that participation would be in the best interests of their School or Professional Services Department.

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Date printed: 21/09/2018