Human Resources

4.0    Responsibilities

The following have direct responsibilities under this policy:

  • Employees
    • Take active steps to seek alternative work within the College and bring to the attention of human resources, their expressions of interest.
    • Consider vacant positions and apply without undue delay, submit a CV and supporting statement highlighting relevant skills, experience and competencies against the job and person specification.
  • Line Managers
    • Work collaboratively and supportively through the redeployment process to consider staff for opportunities within the College.
    • Provide management support and guidance to staff including arranging training and agreeing time off for staff to undertake redeployment activities (see Section 2.5 Support for Employees).
  • Recruiting Managers
    • Give priority consideration to applications from staff who are subject to redeployment.
    • Provide feedback to HR and the employee on the outcome of the application and/or interview.
  • Human Resources
    • Provide advice and support to managers and staff throughout the process including identifying suitable alternative opportunities and attending meetings, where appropriate.
    • Notify staff of the redeployment register.
    • Maintain and coordinate the redeployment register.

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The HR team is based on the first floor of Egmont House
Postal address: Human Resources, Birkbeck, University of London, Malet Street, London WC1E 7HX