Human Resources

4.0 Responsibilities Of Managers And Employees

4.1 Managers

Managers are responsible for ensuring their team achieve and maintain agreed standards of work performance and should:

  • lead by example through their individual performance and behaviour, providing staff with clear guidance and direction;
  • provide coaching and support development and continuous improvement at a team and individual level;
  • use the PDR process to agree objectives for performance and development based on duties and standards outlined in the job description document, and giving constructive feedback upon performance;
  • ensure required performance standards are realistic, achievable, communicated, understood and in line with the employee’s job description document;
  • support staff through organisational change;
  • aim to resolve issues promptly and effectively, considering the use of mediation where relevant and appropriate;
  • seek advice from Human Resources on performance management;
  • adhere to this performance management policy and procedure.

4.2 Employees

Employees are expected to:

  • work effectively to the agreed standards required by the College;
  • adhere to the College rules, policies and procedures;
  • understand the impact of their behaviour on others;
  • engage with and participate in the PDR process;
  • seek clarification about expectations, behaviours and rules from their manager if they are unsure about them;
  • co-operate if asked to be involved in a performance management meeting.

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