Human Resources

3.0    Guidance

3.1    Definition of Market Supplements

Market supplements (also known as recruitment and retention premia) are an additional payment to the salary of an individual post or specific groups of posts. The supplement is paid, to enable the College to recruit and retain staff when labour market conditions increase the market pay rates, of individuals with skills or expertise in short supply, to a level over and above current College pay bands for the grade of the job.

3.2    Application of Market Supplements

The College will consider introducing market supplements in order to overcome recruitment and retention challenges. However, due consideration should also be given to the terms and conditions of the post(s) under consideration and other relevant work related factors.

Where supplements have been authorised, a letter of confirmation will be sent to the individual or outlined in the contract of employment for newly appointed staff.

Market supplements are separate to higher and additional duty payments and are applied as an additional payment to current salary.

3.3    Recruitment Market Supplements

A recruitment market supplement may be paid as either a one-off lump-sum or series of payments for a specified fixed term period, usually no more than three years. The policy may be applied when the recruitment process has not succeeded in appointing an appropriate candidate for a particular post as a result of the College’s current pay rate.

3.4    Retention Market Supplement

A retention market supplement may be paid in addition to a salary in order to retain an individual in their current post. Under such circumstances, there will need to be sufficient evidence to prove that staff with skills in high demand in the external labour market and of value to Birkbeck, are leaving or being approached to leave their current post in the College, for similar posts in other institutions or sectors for compelling reasons such as more competitive pay rates or opportunities for promotion, progression and flexible working. If approved, the College may opt to make a one-off payment, series of payments or other benefit to the member of staff linked to a specified date or event such as significant milestones (e.g. meeting targets around student numbers) within a time critical project. Under such circumstances the payment may be potentially repayable if the member of staff does not remain in post for the period stipulated in the contract of employment.

3.5   Calculation and Payment of Market Supplements

HR will compare the relevant post(s) under consideration for a market pay supplement with independently verified external pay data to assess the level of justification for the allowance. The comparison will be based on the full benefits package available to the role irrespective of whether the individual opts out of a benefit arrangement, such as a superannuation scheme. A market supplement will normally be based on the median salary. The supplement will be prorated for individuals in part-time posts.

Payment of market supplements will have a defined start and end date. The supplement will be pensionable if the individual is a member of either the Universities Superannuation Scheme (USS) or the Superannuation Arrangements of the University of London (SAUL). At the point of payment, the supplement will be subject to normal deductions, i.e. income tax and national insurance contributions. The application of a recruitment or retention payment will only apply from the agreed date of authorisation by the College for the post(s) specified.

Birkbeck reserves the right to review, revise, amend or replace the content of this policy and / or introduce new policies from time to time, subject to good practice principles of consultation where applicable, to reflect the changing needs of the College and to take account of changes in legislation.

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