Human Resources

Toil arrangements

Where TOIL is to be taken in respect of additional hours worked, the following arrangements will apply:

  • Hours worked in addition to the 35 hour basic week, from Monday to Friday – TOIL taken on an hour-for-hour basis

  • Hours worked in addition to the 35 hour basic week on a Saturday or Sunday – TOIL to be taken at a rate of one and a half hours for every hour worked. 

  • Hours worked on a Bank Holiday or College Closure day, either TOIL at a rate of two hours for every hour worked, OR, TOIL on an hour-for-hour basis plus pay at plain time for the number of hours worked.

  • Any TOIL accrued, must be taken at a time agreed in advance with the employee’s line manager and in the case of teaching staff TOIL may not be taken during their scheduled teaching time.

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