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Policy on race equality

The Race Relations Act 1976 (as amended by the Race Relations Amendment Act 2000 (RRAA (2000)) places an obligatory General Duty on all higher education institutions to promote race equality.  The RRAA (2000) was the legislative response to the McPherson report on the Stephen Lawrence Inquiry that highlighted the issue of institutional discrimination and the need for race equality considerations to be built proactively into public service organisations.

The General Duty requires public bodies to ensure within its activities the:

  • Promotion of equality of opportunity

  • Promotion of good relations between people of different racial groups

  • Elimination of unlawful racial discrimination

Under the General Duty is a series of Specific Duties which are the mechanisms specified to assist Further and Higher Education Institutions to deliver the General Duty. The current Specific Duties for a Higher Education institution are to:

  • Prepare and publish a written statement of its policy for promoting racial equality and have in place arrangements for fulfilling the commitments in the policy as soon as reasonably practical.  (Target 1 Oct 03)

  • Assess the impact of the institution’s policies, including the race equality policy, on students and staff of different racial groups

  • Monitor the admission and progress of students and the recruitment retention and career progression of staff from different racial groups.

  • Include in the written statement of its Race Equality Policy, an indication of the College’s arrangements for publishing that statement and the results of assessment and monitoring.

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