Human Resources


Birkbeck is involved in a number of partnerships with other organisations including contracted services, relationships with other institutions and liaison with professional accrediting bodies. The College is responsible for meeting the requirements of the RRAA (2000) in all its joint activities with other organisations.

(i) Outsourced services and procurement

Where the College contracts a private company to carry out a particular function and where the duty to promote race equality applies to that function, the College will make provision for this in the service specification and the key aspects of the contract process. Where a service contract currently exists and where race equality is relevant to the contracted function, the College will take legal advice as to the adjustments that might need to be made to the contract to reflect the requirement for race equality to be promoted.

(ii) Partnerships with other public organisations

Where the College is involved in a partnership with another public body each organisation is responsible for meeting its Duty under the requirements of the RRAA (2000).

Where the College is involved in a partnership with a private or voluntary organisation (which does not have similar obligations to public bodies), the College will need to work jointly with that organisation to meet the College's Duty under RRAA (2000), and will work to the principals enshrined in the legislation whether or not parties are bound by it.

(iii) Partnership with the local community

In its development of partnerships with the local community, Birkbeck will consider the implications of its Race Equality Policy.

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The HR team is based on the first floor of Egmont House
Postal address: Human Resources, Birkbeck, University of London, Malet Street, London WC1E 7HX