Human Resources


To enable the College to implement and effectively develop its Race Equality Policy monitoring is required. Monitoring will be implemented at a number of levels to assess the impact of the policy in the constituent parts of the College.

Information gathered from the monitoring process will be used as a basis for the development and planning of future strategies to enable Birkbeck to continue improve its performance in promoting race equality effectively. Appropriate mechanisms for analysis and interpretation of data will be required so as to identify any significant issues. The following areas will be monitored by racial group (based on the Census 2001 categories):

(i) Students

  • All stages of the admissions process from application to outcome for each of the College's courses (excluding open access courses for which there are no selection criteria).

  • Key stages of students’ progress through the College's courses

(ii) Staff

  • All activities relating to the staff recruitment and selection process including monitoring all applicants for appointment

  • All activities relating to the career development and promotion of staff, including appraisal, Staff Development activities and applications for promotion and review panels

Monitoring and analysis of this data by racial group will enable the College to:

  • Highlight any significant differences that exist and consider why these have occurred

  • Compare the data for significance with internal and national benchmarks (as these become available)

  • Take appropriate action to address any significant issues that arise from the monitoring process.

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The HR team is based on the first floor of Egmont House
Postal address: Human Resources, Birkbeck, University of London, Malet Street, London WC1E 7HX