Birkbeck, University of London Human Resources

Reserve forces

It is recognised that employees may work as volunteers, in a number of reserve forces. These include:

This list is not exhaustive.

Employees who are members of the Reserve Forces are required to declare this at the start of their employment with the College. Employees who wish to join the Reserve Forces while in the College’s employment should discuss this with their line manager.

Where time off work is required, employees are expected to use a proportion of their annual leave entitlement. Providing the employee is not also undertaking a public duty as detailed previously, Birkbeck will provide additional paid leave up to a maximum of five working days in any leave year, however if this is not used it can not then be carried forward into the next leave year. Applications for time off must be made to the employee's line manager at the earliest opportunity, and must be recorded on their Leave Record Form (see appendix of Annual Leave arrangements).

Employees who are members of the reserve forces will be allowed time off when they are called up for active duty in times of conflict, in accordance with any guidelines issued by the reserve forces or any government body. Guidelines for employees who are members of a Reserve Force and who are called out for active service are available from Human Resources on request.

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Date printed: 22/07/2018