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Jury service

Where requested to attend court as a juror, employees will be granted time off to attend. However, where, in Birkbeck’s view, the release of an employee for jury service raises major staffing or operational problems, assistance will be provided to the employee in order to appeal to the court to re-arrange or cancel the dates of service.

Employees being asked to attend for jury service must notify their line manager immediately. Where jury service lasts for less than half a day the employee must return to work for the remainder of the day, wherever practicable. Employees should keep their line manager regularly informed about how long they are likely to be away from work.

On confirmation of a period of jury service, the employee will receive a ‘Certificate of Loss of Earnings or Benefit’ from the Court Service. This form should be given to Payroll immediately, who will complete it and return it to the employee. The employee must then take the completed form with them on their first day of Jury service. During attendance at the court, employees should claim from the court, any compensation for loss of earnings. Birkbeck will then pay the difference between such entitlements and normal average earnings.

Upon return to work the employee must submit to Payroll a completed Attendance Payments for Public Duties form (see appendix), together with evidence of the actual payments claimed and received (i.e. the Remittance Advice) from the court. Payroll will then make the appropriate adjustments to pay; superannuation contributions will not be affected.

Employees will also be entitled to claim any travel or subsistence expenses that they may have incurred from the court and these will not be taken into account in the deductions from salary.

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Date printed: 23/09/2018