Birkbeck, University of London Human Resources

Leaving procedures

This policy sets out a procedure for dealing with the termination of the employment contract in such a manner that the terms of the contract are met and the Employment Rights Act 1996 is complied with.  Specific details regarding redundancy and other dismissals are contained within the Redundancy, Disciplinary, and Capability (Performance) Policies; details regarding the end of a fixed-term contract are dealt with in the Fixed Term Employment Policy, which should be read in conjunction with this policy as appropriate. 

Birkbeck believes that its employees’ are its most valued resource.  When an employee resigns or leaves the College it is important that the procedure adopted continues to be as professional as at any other time of their employment.  Employees are offered the opportunity to have an exit interview at the time of leaving and these provide a valuable source of information to help monitor the effectiveness of the College’s employment strategies and to provide information concerning the College’s ‘performance’ as an employer.

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Date printed: 22/07/2018