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Family Leave policy pdf format

Birkbeck is committed to helping employees with child caring responsibilities to balance work and family life. It will do this by following consistent, fair and transparent processes whilst ensuring that the interests of the College are met. The College recognises that there are a diverse range of family formations and the policy has endeavoured to use inclusive language throughout in an attempt to reflect this diversity.  The language of ‘maternity’ and ‘paternity’ leave reflects government policy and the College recognises that parents may not identify with these terms. Similarly, for ease of understanding the policy uses the term ‘mother’ to describe the birthing parent, but recognises that some birthing parents do not identify with this term.

This combined family leave policy incorporates the College’s former maternity, adoption, paternity/partners’, and parental leave policies. The policy applies to all eligible Birkbeck employees (it excludes agency workers who are bound by the Agency Workers Regulations (with the exception of time off for antenatal appoints which does cover agency workers) and contractors who are bound by the terms and conditions governing their contracts within their respective organisations).

This policy is effective 6 April 2015.

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Date printed: 24/03/2018