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Childcare vouchers

providing financial help towards the cost of childcare

Juggling the demands of work and home are not easy, especially finding affordable, reliable childcare.

If you use registered or approved childcare, you can take part of your salary in childcare vouchers to pay for it, the vouchers are tax and NI free up to a value of £243 per month (£55 per week).

Joining Birkbeck's childcare voucher scheme can help you to save up to £933 per annum on the cost of childcare through a salary sacrifice scheme; actual savings depend upon your tax band.

How to Join

To join the scheme simply check you meet the eligibility criteria and then email to confirm the value of childcare vouchers you would like to take each month (in line with your tax band). HR will then send you a link to set up an account with our childcare voucher provider and, once registered, you will be able to access your vouchers using an online account. 

In signing up to the scheme you are agreeing to a change to your terms and conditions of employment and a letter will be sent to you confirming this.  You must join the scheme for a minimum of 12 months.

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