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This policy applies to Professional and Support and Teaching & Scholarship staff.

Birkbeck acknowledges that employees may wish to take a career break without wishing to lose all contact with Birkbeck and to be able to return to work at the end of the break. 

Employees with five years continuous service or more may request to take an unpaid career break for a period of up to one year. In exceptional circumstances, applications may be considered from those who do not have five years service, on a case by case basis. This policy is applied strictly at the discretion of Birkbeck and is not a statutory entitlement. Birkbeck recognises that in order for such a policy to be effective the employee will need to keep in touch with Birkbeck and be updated with organisational changes through a variety of provisions appropriate to his/her situation.

The terms of this policy do not apply to those employees wishing to take Parental, Paternity, Adoption or Maternity Leave. These circumstances are more appropriately dealt with according to the Family, Paternity and Parental Leave or Maternity or Adoption Policies respectively. 

Academic employees wishing to take a leave of absence for academic purposes, which are directly linked to their work, must refer to the Leave of Absence Procedure for Academic Staff.

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Date printed: 26/09/2018