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MA Medieval History

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For information on fees, course structure, and to apply full or part-time please visit the prospectus page.

Course Director: Dr Matthew Champion

The MA in Medieval History at Birkbeck takes you to the heart of cutting-edge research in the Department of History, Classics and Archaeology, with options to also take modules organised by History of Art, English and other institutions within the University of London, to create a tailored course that suits your interests.

All of the Medieval MA options organised by HCA are unique and have been developed directly out of research being undertaken by the staff member running the course. This means that you will be taking part in the process of uncovering new questions and interpretations right from the beginning of your MA.

Our option courses focus on social, cultural and economic history, reflecting the strengths of our research staff, and they will give you both a broad overview of themes and concepts running through the history of the medieval world, and also a detailed and confident understanding of specific sources and types of evidence. Course options can range from Late Antiquity to the beginnings of the modern period and include courses on the city of Rome, maps, medieval senses and medicine and the body.

So if you are the sort of person who likes to get stuck right into the middle of things, to learn by doing and to think flexibly and creatively to investigate every piece of evidence connected to a complex question, then the MA in Medieval History might be just what you are looking for!