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Emma Lundin

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Title of thesis

  • Practical Solidarity: Connections between Swedish Social Democratic women and women in the ANC, 1960-1994


Research interests

  • My research explores the impact of transnational connections between women in the international anti-apartheid movement, with a particular emphasis on women in the Swedish Social Democratic party and women in the ANC. I'm interested in uncovering the historical impact of informal transnational relationships in national and international settings, and ideas about gender and equality within the organisations and the movement that surrounded them.
  • I'm also interested in the history of international socialism, social democracy and socialist politicians, women's and feminist movements, international cooperation and activism.
  • I am a research student representative, the Editorial Assistant of Contemporary European History, a contributor to the LSE Review of Books, the editor of the Birkbeck History Research Students' Forum, and a member of Svenska Historiska Föreningen (the Swedish Historical Society) and the Social Democratic Research Network. I co-convened Birkbeck’s research student seminar series in 2013 with Janet Weston, and will organise a conference on History and Space (with Barbara Warnock) at Birkbeck in 2014.

Papers given

  • 'Women in the international anti-apartheid movement: Sweden and South Africa' Birkbeck HCA Graduate Research Day, November 2012
  • 'The importance of internationalism: women’s path to power within the Swedish Social Democratic Party in the 1960s and 1970s' History Lab Conference, June 2013

Honours and awards

  • My PhD is funded by an AHRC studentship. I have also received a research grant from the Tage Erlander Fund for International Cooperation, and travel grants from Birkbeck's history department and the AHRC.