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Why Study History, Classics and Archaeology?

Why study history, classics and archaeology with us?

First in London & fourth in England for teaching satisfaction with 100% overall student satisfaction, National Student Survey 2019

We offer a very rich range of certificateBAMA and MPhil/PhD programmes. Some of our programmes focus upon one field, but others allow study across disciplines within the Department or in others, such as Politics or Psychosocial Studies. We have structured our degree programmes so that you can complete them through either part-time or full-time study. If you are interested in History, Classics or Archaeology but feel unsure about your preparation to start a degree, we offer certificate programmes that can improve your preparation and lead into BA and MA programmes. With this rich range of opportunities on offer, every year almost 1000 students choose to study in the Department of History, Classics and Archaeology. Here are some further reasons why:

Knowledge and expertise

  • Training in History, Classics and Archaeology prepares you for an array of potential careers. It develops in you a combination of skills and knowledge—and History, Classics and Archaeology are genuinely fascinating disciplines that make such training enjoyable.
  • Knowledge: Study with us is not just about accumulating awareness of ‘facts from the past’, it deepens your understanding of complex processes of change in states, societies and cultures. It clearly prepares you for careers requiring subject-specific qualifications, including museum and archival work, and many of our students are teachers seeking further qualifications or become teachers after completing their degrees. Knowledge of patterns over time in social and political development, from the local to the global, also strengthens your understanding of how the modern world was shaped and can open employment opportunities in civil service, local government, international organisations, NGOs, journalism and policy centres.
  • Skills: History, Classics and Archaeology depend upon advanced skills in interpretation of evidence and the use of such evidence to construct analytical arguments. Study of the past and of foreign cultures also challenges you to understand perspectives that are in many ways radically different from your own. Study with us can strengthen your analytical skills, ability to present persuasive arguments, creativity and flexibility of mind—assets sought across a very broad range of private- and public-sector activities, from education to journalism to law to public relations and advertising.
  • Interest: Let’s admit it: people have always found stories about the past fascinating. If ‘the past is a foreign country’, then it is Britain’s favourite tourist destination, to judge by book bestseller lists, TV and radio programming, and films. However long your programme of study, from one year to five, choosing to explore History, Classics and Archaeology can make that time truly enjoyable. By opting to study here, you join a Department with staff you may recognise from those best-seller lists and broadcast programmes, or whose names you may have seen listed as history consultants to major productions—and every one of them is enthusiastic about teaching here!

Flexible course delivery

  • We maintain our traditional commitment to supporting students who wish to study part-time, but in recent years a growing proportion of our students have chosen to study full-time.
  • Our MA programmes can be taken in one year full-time or two years part-time.
  • Our MPhil/PhDs and MRes programmes can be taken either full-time or part-time.
  • Our undergraduate students choose to study four years part-time, or complete their BA degrees in three years full-time.
  • The Certificate of Higher Education can lead into the second year of a part-time BA.
  • The Graduate Certificate in History can lead into study on an MA programme.
  • Classes for BA and MA courses are scheduled in the evenings, while tutorials and PhD supervision take place at times mutually convenient for students and staff.

Expert teaching staff

  • Our teaching staff bring an impressive breadth of internationally recognised expertise and experience, as well as a passion for their subject, to their teaching. They also appreciate the special qualities of mature students.
  • We offer courses at BA and MA level that cover a very wide breadth of history including prehistory, ancient, medieval, early modern, modern, and contemporary. We run modules on a wide range of areas, and have particular teaching strengths in British, European and world history; urban history; the history of gender and sexuality; and the history of science, medicine and psychoanalysis. For more on our areas of research please look here.

Academic excellence

  • We are ranked among the top ten percent of departments in the UK for research.
  • Our academic staff are recognised internationally as authorities in their field.
  • We offer a superb range of doctoral supervision, for the world-class University of London PhD.
  • Our highly regarded and internationally recognised MA programmes lead to a University of London Master's qualification.
  • Our academic staff regularly convene and organise internationally attended conferences and events.

Diverse student community

  • We are home to a growing community of full-time postgraduate international students.
  • Most of our students are over 21, which means they bring valuable insights, gained from their jobs or private interests, to their studies, providing a dynamic and engaging learning experience for everyone.

Financial support

  • We offer a range of financial support to Master's and research students.
  • Our PhD students have also been successful in obtaining both doctoral and post-doctoral awards from funding bodies such as the AHRC.
  • Aside from a one-off instalment upon enrolling, no fees are taken until teaching begins.

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