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Dr Philip Pogge von Strandmann

Reader in Isotope Geochemistry

Contact details

tel: 020 3108 6378
UCL: KLB 211

Research website

Recent research highlights

Study shows oxygen loss could be a huge issue for oceans [News, March 2018)

New technique for analysing Earth samples and Martian meteorites reveals planets’ origins [News, October 2017]

Could the planet recover from climate change? [News, August 2017]

Dr Strandmann gave a talk at ScienceWeek 2017: Keeping the Earth habitable [48 mins]

To view the temperature animation referred to in the video, download and play this Powerpoint file full screen.

Life exploded on Earth after slow rise of oxygen [News, December 2015]

Dr Philip Pogge von Strandmann awarded 2016 Max Hey Medal [News, October 2015]