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Dr Louisa Preston

UK Space Agency Aurora Research Fellow in Astrobiology

Contact details

UCL: Room tbc

Twitter: @LouisaJPreston
Personal website:

More about Dr Louisa Preston's work

Dr Preston was a winner (Communicating Research) in the inaugural Birkbeck Public Engagement Awards - full news story [March, 2018]

Research interests

My research is largely concerned with the habitability potential of planetary bodies within and outside our Solar System especially the possibility of life existing on the terrestrial planets and icy moons of our local neighbourhood. I am interested in where simple life forms may be hiding in the Solar System today and in the past, how we may be able to detect signs of its existence and how its ‘biosignatures’ are preserved within the geological record. Through this I hope to understand how life may first have arisen on the Earth and its potential to have also begun on other planetary bodies. Read more about Dr Preston's research projects and techniques

Public outreach and media

Book - Goldilocks and the Water Bears

Louisa Preston

Goldilocks and the Water Bears: The Search for Life in the Universe