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Professor Karen Hudson-Edwards

Professor of Environmental Geochemistry and Mineralogy

Contact Details

tel: 0203 073 8030
Room 607, Malet Street, Birkbeck, London WC1E 7HX

Twitter: @KarenHEGeochem

Recent Research Highlights

(1) Article on mine waste impacts published in Science:
Hudson-Edwards, K. (2016) Tackling mine wastes. Science, 352, 288-290.  Go to top of this page to get free reprint.

Podcast on this article on the John Batchelor Show.

(2) New papers published in Fluid Phase Equilibria and Applied Geochemistry

Fortes, A.D., Wood, I.G., Hudson-Edwards, K.A., Gutmann, M.J. (2017) Partitioning of Co2+ and Mn2+ into meridianiite (MgSO4.11H2O): ternary solubility diagrams at 270 K; cation site distribution determined by single-crystal time-of-flight neutron diffraction and density functional theory. Fluid Phase Equilibria, 437, 1-13. (Open access paper available here.)

Zhou, L., Dong, F., Liu, J., Hudson-Edwards, K.A. (2017) Coupling effect of Fe3+ and biological nano-sized FeS on removal of redox-sensitive contaminants (As, Sb and Cr) and permeability of limestone system: Implications for in situ biological passive treatment of acid mine drainage. Applied Geochemistry, 80, 102-111.

(3) Open access paper on ancient African fish dust fertlising the Amazon [Chemical Geology, September 2014]

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Karen Hudson-Edwards