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Dr Jennifer Harris

Postdoctoral Research Assistant

Research interests

My research focuses on the uses of Visible and Near Infrared Spectroscopy to explore the surface of Mars. Of particular interest is the investigation and development of techniques to pick out mineralogical details that are below the scale of the imaging instruments available, and the application of these techniques to issues such as previously hydrothermally active areas, Recurring Slope Lineae and potential source locations for Martian meteorites.

Jennifer tweets research news via @jennkharris

Blog [December 2016]: Mars Rover testing in the Utah desert - MURFI

Jennifer blogged about two talks on Lunar samples and meteorites given by Louise Alexander and Natasha Almeida in Science Week 2016.

Jennifer was part of the collaborative research team which visited Iceland in 2013 to simulate Mars exploration methods [video: 8 mins]


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Jennifer Harris

Contact details

UCL: Room OG1, Kathleen Lonsdale Building, Gower Place, London