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Current MPhil/PhD students and their research projects

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  • Awcock, Dan - UK interglacial palaeoclimate reconstruction from speleothem isotope analysis.
  • Bhanot, Krishan - Petrology of anomalous mantle samples.
  • Brown, Jason - Structural and stratigraphic evolution of the Cerberus Fossae fissure system, Mars.
  • Collins, Sally: Middle Jurassic pycnodont fish.
  • Guerro Moreno, Elisa: Living with mine waste: developing a decision-making tool for reducing water contamination risk.
  • Hickling, Simon: Chemical and morphological analysis of inverted channel systems in the Arabia Terra region of Mars.
  • Hiep, Nguyen: Long-term erosion history of Central-South Vietnam.
  • Iezzi, Francesco: The effect of strain-rate and fault curvature variability on seismic hazard: a comparison between high and low strain-rate rifts.
  • Jones, Sarah: Mechanisms and products of the bacterial dissolution of arsenic- and antimony-bearing sulphide minerals.
  • Joyce, William: Investigation of lunar lava flow stratigraphy using remote sensing data sets.
  • Kelly, Judith: Cumulate xenoliths and magma chamber processes in Cape Verde.
  • Kneller, Brian: Earthquake (mars-quake) mechanisms on Mars.
  • Longbottom, Alison: The phylogeny, age and palaeoecology of the fossil fish fauna from the Tilemsi Valley, Republic of Mal, west Africa.
  • Maxwell, Simon: Taxonomic, stratigraphic and environmental bias in the hominin fossil record.
  • Meschis, Marco: Quantifying rates of active extension and seismic hazard in the upper plate of subduction zones.
  • Pinault, Lewis: The Search for Extra-Terrestrial Artefacts on the Moon: Detection Strategies and Techniques.
  • Ray, Melanie: Volcano collapse: a case study of Ritter volcano, Papua New Guinea.
  • Robertson, Jenny: Upper Quaternary uplift history of the Peloponnese peninsula.
  • Rolfe-Betts, Brenden: Compositional variations of shield-stage eruptions, Fogo (Cape Verdes).
  • Sanchez de la Muela Garzon, Almunda: Understanding the tectono-magmatic role of transverse crustal structures in the Andes, Chile from seismicity and seismic imaging.
  • Sclater, Gillian: Physics of dissociating clathrates in cryovolcanic vents: application to Titan, Enceladus and Triton.
  • Smith, Barbara: Petrology and petrogenesis of hypabyssal and extrusive carbonatites.
  • Smith, Brian: Origin and environmental impact of vanadium-bearing concretions.
  • Smith, Rebekah: Development of the shark and ray vertebral column.
  • Swierski, Krystian: Palaeoecology and turnover of elasmobranch fishes from Late Maastrichtian to Eocene in Morocco.
  • Tame, Catherine: Controls on lead and zinc fluxes to mining-affected rivers
  • Tarff, Robert: Determining the geophysical and geochemical processes of the pyroclastics flows/surges caused by the explosive phreatomagmatic eruption of the Cova de Paul volcano on the island of San Antao in the Cape Verdes, by investigating how ignimbrites were emplaced.
  • Townley, Andy: Pyroclastic hazards on Brava, Cape Verdes.
  • Twinn, Gary: Understanding when and how the Antarctic Peninsula topography developed.
  • Villalobos Seguira, Eduardo: Review of Sclerorhynchidae and their implications on the phylogeny of the Rhinobatids.
  • Wigley, Thomas: The nature of incipient plate boundary formation.
  • Wills, Simon: British Jurassic micro dinosaur fossils.