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Resources for current students

We pride ourselves on the student support services provided in the department.
This section brings together a lot of the information you'll need while studying with us.

Contact information

Updating your contact information

    • Keep your email, contact telephone numbers and address details up-to-date:
      Email is the main way we contact you so it's important we have a current and correct one. We prefer to use the Birkbeck webmail account, though you can provide us with your own email address. In both cases, keep them up-to-date in your My Birkbeck profile.
      Please also ensure the department administrator has a current work and home address, and telephone contact numbers, since it's sometimes necessary to contact students at short notice, for example if a class is cancelled.
    • Undergraduate student post boxes
      These are located on the second floor of the South Wing building. Please check them regularly for post addressed to you.
    • News and Events listings on our department website
      Keep an eye on the department's home page for news of academic achievements, as well as opportunities to attend research events.

Main department contacts

Study information

Start of term

Course handbooks


  • Birkbeck Moodle is the place to get all your course material. (You need a username and password to access Moodle. If you're enrolled on one of our courses but can't access Moodle, please contact your course administrator)
    Lecture venues: once you’ve enrolled at Birkbeck, check your My Birkbeck profile regularly and at least once a week to keep up-to-date with lecture locations and class and exam timetables.
    Saturday opening: the department is usually opened on Saturdays (10am - 6pm) in term time by one of our postgraduates.

Library access and services

    • Birkbeck's Malet Street library has a further collection of earth and planetary sciences' titles - more about Birkbeck library services.
      The librarian Emma Illingworth offers specialist help for earth and planetary sciences - she runs the Science librarian's blog.
    • University College London DMS Watson Library - Birkbeck Geology students have normal borrowing rights at this UCL library and are exempt from restrictions on borrowing that apply to non-UCL students.
      New students must complete the form: Application for a borrowing ticket (and supply a photograph when they hand it in) to use UCL Library. Geological periodicals (from 1986 onwards) are housed on the 3rd floor of the DMS Watson library.
    • External libraries: check the library's advice page about getting access to other libraries, including: British Library, Geological Society Library, Imperial College Library.


  • Important: you should read the Fieldwork Safety Guide [PDF] carefully. You must ensure a signed copy of the final page is returned to our department administrator before your first fieldwork trip - this includes weekend field classes.
    More about the fieldwork classes you'll take during your undergraduate course.

Exam entry and assessment information

Course feedback

  • Student-Staff Exchange Committee - This committee meets once a term and provides an opportunity for students and staff to discuss concerns or problems. Elected Class Representatives attend the meetings but sessions are open to all.
    If you'd like to raise an issue with the Committee, then contact your class representative or come to the meeting. Your representative can advise on the date of the next meeting.

    Course feedback questionnaires - At the end of each module we distribute module questionnaires to students so that you can give us feedback on the course or any other aspect of studying with us - confidentiality is assured. Please feel free to give us your honest opinions on these forms. (The departmental administrator compiles the comments into one document for lecturers to read so your handwriting will not be recognised.) Students' thoughts and comments help us to improve all aspects of teaching and learning in the department.


Birkbeck support services

The Birkbeck Student services site is your starting point for student support services across the college - see below for links to key services.

Key support services