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Dr Karen Wells

Professor of Human Geography

BA (Hons) African History and Religious Studies (SOAS, London)
MSc Comparative Government (LSE)
PhD International Relations (LSE)


  • Karen Wells is Programme Director for Children, Youth and International Development, and Reader in International Development and Childhood Studies.
  • She holds a BA (Hons) African History and Religious Studies from SOAS, University of London, an Msc Comparative Government and a PhD in International Relations from the London School of Economics.
  • She is the author of Childhood Studies: Making Young Subjects (Polity 2018) and Childhood in a Global Perspective (Polity 2015, 2nd edition) and has published widely on children, inequalities, and visual culture. She is currently working on a book on visual culture and childhood, provisionally called Looking at Children. She is collaborating with Plan International on the analysis of their longitudinal data set on girls growing up in poverty in 9 countries.

Research strengths

  • The focus of my research is on how global processes and structures interact with practices of childhood in local contexts and how this dialectic between the global and the local impacts on children's lives and on practices of childhood.
  • I am particularly interested in how these processes are represented in visual culture and I have published widely on visual representations and global/local dynamics of childhood. A specific focus of my research is on representations of violence and suffering; related to this I am interested in how war and other forms of structural and corporeal violence impact on children's lives, e.g. in mobilising youth migration and youth military recruitment. I have a cross- cutting interest in non-talk based methods (visual and material) as mechanisms for exploring and understanding these dynamics.

Research Interests

  • My research interests include:
    • How international political economy (e.g. war, international law, global capitalism) impacts on children/childhood
    • visual research methods
    • visual cultures of childhood


  • I teach the following postgraduate modules:
    • International Political Economy of Childhood
    • Social Studies of Childhood: key issues and concepts
    • Researching Children and Childhood
    • Research Methods for Dissertation
    • Material and Visual Cultures of Development

MPhil/PhD supervision

  • I am currently supervising the following students
    • Nelly Ali, Street Children in Cairo
    • Ain Bailey, The Sonic Biographies of Queer Women and Non-Binary People of Color
    • Michael Boampong, The Impact of Austerity on Ghanaian Transnational Families
    • Haroon Forde, Quranic Schools in Sudan
    • Pauline O'Dwyer, Juvenile Justice in Sierra Leone
  • I am interested in supervising in the areas of globalisation and childhood, child and youth migration, and visual cultures of childhood.


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  • Lectures

Contact details

+ 44 (0)20 3073 8387