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Dr Shino Shiode

Senior Lecturer in Geographic Information Science


  • Shino is a spatial analyst and GIScientist with an active interest in the quantative interpretation of the spatial-temporal changes of urban, criminal and epidemiological phenomena.

Research objectives

  • Shino's long-term aspirations are:
    • to make an original academic contribution to the field of spatial analysis and GIS, both theoretically and methodologically
    • to contribute to the betterment of the society by rendering her expertise to improve public safety and social welfare.
  • She intends to achieve the former by proposing a series of new spatial analytical and statistical methods to describe and confirm spatial distributions or spatial-temporal changes of the urban, criminal and epidemiological phenomena from a quantative perspective. The latter will involve collaborations with local governments and practitioners on the introduction of practical and appropriate measures for the intervention and prevention of health and crime risk and traffic accidents.

PhD/MPhil supervision

  • I am interested in supervising in the areas of GIScience; spatial data analysis; spatial statistics; urban geography; crime analysis; spatial epidemiology.


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Contact details

+ 44 (0)20 3073 8455