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Dr Mara Nogueira

Lecturer in Urban Geography

  • BSc Economics (Federal University of Minas Gerais, Brazil)
  • MSc Economics (Federal University of Minas Gerais, Brazil)
  • PhD Human Geography and Urban Studies (LSE)


  • Mara is a Lecturer in Urban Geography and Director of the MA/MSc Cities Programme. She works on the cross-class politics of urban space production, with an emphasis on the (re)production of socio-spatial inequality in urban Brazil.
  • She joined Birkbeck in 2020, having held a fellowship previously at the London School of Economics and Political Science.

Research interests

  • My current research looks at the relationships between the popular economy and urban space. I am interested in the multiscalar geographies and socio-political repercussions of the labour crisis. My work focuses on the encounters between the urban poor, the middle-classes and the state, exploring how those encounters shape urban space, policy making and social class.
  • I am also a Co-Investigator in the project ‘Engineering food: infrastructure exclusion and ‘last mile’ delivery in Brazilian favelas’ funded by the British Academy. The project is a partnership between the LSE, Birkbeck and INSPER (Brazil).


  • I teach in the following modules:
    • Cities in the Global South (Master's Level)
    • Understanding the City (Master's Level)


  • Journal articles
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  • Book chapters
    • Cavalcante, A., M., Crocco, Nogueira, M., “Incerteza, preferência pela liquidez e moeda: contribuições para a economia regional.” [Uncertainty, liquidity preference and money: contributions to regional economics] In: Moeda e Sistema Financeiro: Ensaios em Homenagem a Fernando Cardim de Carvalho. Publisher: Ed. UFSM, pp.125-153, 2019.
    • Nogueira, M., Crocco, M., Santos, F. “Sistema Financeiro e Atuação dos Bancos Públicos no Desenvolvimento Regional no Brasil.” [Financial System and the Performance of Public Banks in Regional Development in Brazil] In: Bancos Públicos e Desenvolvimento. 1 ed. Rio de Janeiro: IPEA, v.1, p. 151-178, 2011.
  • Other publications
    • Nogueira, M. “From June 2013 to Bolsonaro: a rebellion against the Brazilian state.” A-id: Agenda for International Development. December 1, 2018.

Contact details


Phone: 0203 073 8450