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Dr Jasmine Gideon

Senior Lecturer in Development Studies


  • Jasmine Gideon is a Senior Lecturer in Development Studies with a specific focus on the gendered political economy of health in Latin America. She has a PhD and an MSc in Development Studies and a BA (Hons) in History. Prior to working at Birkbeck she worked at the University of Manchester and the Nuffield Institute for Health, University of Leeds. She has also carried out consultancies for a range of institutions including UNIFEM, DFID and the Ford Foundation. Most recently she has been involved in an UNRSID research project on migration and health in China and the UNU WIDER project on Aid for Gender Equality. Her forthcoming monograph Gender, Globalization and Health: Issues and Challenges in a Latin American Context will be published by Palgrave Macmillan in Spring 2014.
  • She is currently the co-ordinating editor of the Bulletin for Latin American Research.

Research interests

  • My research is centered on the gendered political economy of health and is specifically focused on three central elements: gender and health, globalization and development and transnational migration and health.
  • My work examines how Latin American health systems are gendered structures, containing embedded norms and practices that shape service provision and delivery. At the same time I am interested in the role of households as both consumers and producers of health services. I am particularly interested in using this analytical framework to explore the relationship between health and work in the context of globalisation.
  • I am also interested in issues around transnational migration and health and have recently conducted research exploring the health seeking strategies of Latin American migrants in London. I am currently building on this work to look at questions of health and well-being among Chilean exiles, both within the UK and those who have returned to Chile.


  • I convene the MSc Development Studies and teach the following postgraduate modules:
    • Development Studies: Theoretical Approaches
    • The Political Economy of Development
    • Gender and Development


  • I am interested in supervising in the areas of:
    • Gender, health and social policy
    • Latin American social development
    • Gender and economic rights
    • Migration and health
    • Gender and care
  • Current students
    • Nemu Joshi: Contesting Globalization: Experiences of Women in Urban Spaces of Nepal
    • Ezi Beedi: Contributory pensions in Nigeria: A case for Public School Teachers in Bayelsa State
    • Charlotte Nussey: Gender, Violence and Adult Education in post-Apartheid South Africa
    • Gabriela Alvarez: Conservative Backlashes in Latin America; The Cases of Mexico and Chile
    • Lorena Fuentes: Framing Femicide: Violence, Political Economy and the Guatemalan Women’s Movement
    • Neha Kagal: Gender, Labour and Masculinities: The Impact of Informal Economy Women Workers Membership to Labour Organizations on Intra-household Gender Relations and Masculinities
  • Previous students
    • Ivan Darías Imagining Cuba in London: Identity Construction in the Cuban Diaspora
    • Marianna Leite: From Rhetoric to Reality in Improving Maternal Health Outcomes: An Analysis of Women’s Rights Activism in Brazil


  • Books
  • Recent Journal Articles
    • 'Unpacking ‘women’s health’ in the context of PPPs: A return to instrumentalism in development policy and practice?’, Co-authored with Porter, F., Global Social Policy, 2015,
    • ‘What is hindering progress? The Marginalization of Women’s Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights in Brazil and Chile’, Co-authored with Alvarez, G. And Leite, M., Journal of International and Comparative Social Policy, 2015
    • Changing patterns of migration in Latin America: how can research develop intelligence for public health?’, Co-authored with Cabieses, B., Tunstall, H., and Pickett, K., Pan American Journal of Public Health, 2013, Jul; 34(1):68-74.
    • ‘Understanding differences in access and use of healthcare between international immigrants and the Chilean-born. A repeated cross-sectional population-based study in Chile’ co-authored with Cabieses, B., Tunstall, H and Pickett, K. International Journal for Equity in Health 2012, 11:68, (12,000 words).
    • Engendering the health agenda? Reflections from the Chilean case, 2000-2010’ Social Politics, 2012, 19 (3): 333-360.
    • ‘Limits to progress and change: Reflections on Latin American social policy’, co-authored with Molyneux,M., Social Politics, 2012, 19 (3), 293-298.
    • ‘Exploring migrants’ health seeking strategies: the case of Latin American migrants in London’, International Journal of Migration, Health and Social Care, 2011, 7 (4): 197-208.
    • ‘Counting the Cost of Privatised Provision: Women Rights and Neo-Liberal Health Reforms in Chile’, IDS Bulletin, 2008, 39 (6): 75-82.
    • ‘Introduction: Reclaiming Feminism: Gender and Neo-Liberalism’ co-authored with A. Cornwall and K.Wilson, IDS Bulletin, 2008, 39 (6): 1-10.
    • ‘Entitled to Health? Chile’s Plan AUGE’, co-authored with C. Dannreuther, Development and Change, 2008, 39 (5):845-864.
    • ‘New Developments in Latin America’s Social Policy’ co-authored with A.Barrientos and M.Molyneux, Development and Change, 2008, 39 (5): 759-744.
  • Working Papers
  • Book Chapters
    • ‘Access versus entitlements: the health-seeking behaviour of Latin American migrants in London’, (2013) in Thomas, F. and Gideon, J. (eds) Migration, Health and Inequality, Zed Press, London, pp.163-179.
    • ‘Migration, Health and Inequality’ (2013) in Bastia, T. (ed) Migration and Inequality, Routledge, London and New York, pp.187-207.
    • ‘Poverty, Gender and the Right to Health: Reflections with Particular Reference to Chile’, (2010) in Chant, S. (ed) Handbook on Gender and Development, pp.309-315.
    • ‘Accessing Economic and Social Rights under Neoliberalism: Gender and Rights in Chile’ in ed Cornwall, A. and Molyneux, M. (2008) The Politics of Rights: Dilemmas for Feminist Praxis: London: Routledge, pp.95-109.

Professional Membership

    • Committee Member and 2014 Conference Organiser, Society for Latin American Studies
    • Development Studies Association
    • International Association of Feminist Economics

Contact details

+ 44 (0)20 3073 8368