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April 2016: Important changes to pensions and National Insurance

National Insurance
- If you’re a member of SAUL, USS or NEST your National Insurance (NI) contributions will increase from April 2016

SAUL Pension - On the 1 April 2016 Final Salary members will move into the CARE plan.

USS Pension - From 1 April 2016 Final Salary members will move into the CARE plan.  Benefits provided by USS will also change.


For further information on the above changes please see the following link: Explaining the April 2016 pension and NI changes



Pension Schemes                          

As an employee, you are eligible to join one of two occupational pension schemes. With both schemes, upon retirement, you are eligible to receive a tax-free lump sum payment, together with an annual, index-linked pension and offer a 'Death in Service' lump sum payment.. The schemes are:



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