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Payroll look after payments to staff :

Payroll can provide staff with information and advice on the following:

Payment dates: All staff are paid on the 27th of each month or the preceding Friday if the 27th falls on a weekend or Bank holiday.

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Salaries and wages are paid according to nationally and locally agreed scales.  The Director of Finance is responsible for the payment of salaries and wages in accordance with the notification of the appropriate rates of pay provided by the Director of Human Resources.  No ad hoc bonuses or overtime will be paid; bonuses will be considered through the contribution related pay process.  All remuneration shall be subject to the rates for deductions in respect of income tax, national insurance, superannuation, court orders and any other statutory deductions as may arise from time to time.  In the absence of instructions from HM Inspector of Taxes to the contrary, all payments will be taxable at source.

Overpayment and Underpayment Policy

Errors in payments may occasionally arise and result in an overpayment or underpayment.

Staff are asked to check their on line payslips every month. A guide to understanding your payslip can be found on the finance website at

If you see any errors or mistakes with please report them to payroll section as soon as possible.

Any errors will normally be adjusted in the next pay period. If the amount of the error is very large in relation to the staff member’s normal pay, payroll will discuss with the member of staff how the error will be corrected.

All new monthly-paid employees shall be required to receive their salaries by monthly transfer direct to their bank account.

The Director of Human Resources will notify the Finance Department promptly of all appointments, resignations, absence due to sickness or any other circumstances affecting the salary, wages, gratuities or superannuation of an employee.



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