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The Finance Department

Give as you earn

Contact details: Payroll Section
Form required: Donor Instruction Form pdf format

The College has introduced a Give as You Earn Scheme for staff members to make charitable donations through the Charities Aid Foundation (CAF).

Give As You Earn is a tax-efficient way for individuals to give regularly to charity, and through the CAF you can either nominate your favourite charities or have your donations paid into a charity account.

Thousands of people in workplaces all over the country, are using 'Give as You Earn' to support their favourite charities or local causes.


Giving through your pay is:

  • tax-free
  • simple to set up
  • flexible

Who can give?

Anyone can join Give As You Earn if their pay or pension is taxed through PAYE and their employer offers a scheme. You can make donations to any charitable or voluntary organisation in the UK. This can include places of worship, schools, scout groups and many other organisations.

What are my options?

You can choose one or more ways to give.

  • Charity Account  For ultimate flexibility you can open your own CAF Charity Account with a minimum monthly payment of £10. You will receive a CharityCard and 'charity chequebook' so that you can donations from your account to any charities you choose when ever you like. You can also set up standing orders and give on-line, over the telephone or by post.
  • Direct Donation  The Give As You Earn Direct Donation allows an individual to personally nominate their own favourite charity or charities to benefit from regular donations - straight from their pay.
  • Staff Charity Fund  You can pool your donations along with those of your colleagues in a Staff Charity Fund. Funds are distributed to the causes you collectively agree to support.

Individual's pledge to
charity (gross)

Cost to individual
@ 20% tax (net)

Cost to individual
@ 40% tax (net)










If you pledge £10 from your gross salary each month, it will only cost you £8.00, and even less if you pay a higher rate of tax.

This will mean an increase in:

  • value
  • benefit
  • impact

to your chosen charitable causes.

Give as You Earn makes a deduction of between 0% and 4% from your contribution to cover the cost of administration, depending on the method by which you choose to give.

If you are interested in starting regular donations directly from pay then please contact the Payroll section for more information and/or download and complete the Donor Instruction Form pdf format and send it to the Payroll Section.

For more information please visit

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