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The Finance Department

Expenses and Claim forms (for staff only)

Contact details: Payments Section

The College’s first preference for procurement is that the supplier invoices the College for goods or services, however there are some circumstances when expenditure is incurred directly by staff and reclaimed by way of the expenses claim forms.

Claiming for Travel and Subsistence

Please find a link on Travel and Subsistence


Staff in the Finance Department are responsible for ensuring that claims have been appropriately certified for payment and calculated at the correct rates. With the exception of their own claims, all claims must be authorised by the appropriate budget holder whose authorisation indicates that the expenses have been correctly and necessarily incurred on behalf of the College. 

Unless there are exceptional circumstances, claims for reimbursement of expenses incurred more than three months prior to the date of the claim will not be reimbursed.

All expense claims must be submitted on the appropriate forms and be supported by appropriate backing documentation.  Claims must normally be submitted within three months of the original payment.  

Reimbursement of UK Expenses xls format - This form is for reimbursement of UK expenses. 
For the current car mileage rate please contact the Payroll Section

Reimbursement of Hospitality Expenses  xls format - This form is for hospitality expenses where external catering is provided.  In order to comply with Inland Revenue regulations regarding taxable benefits, the participants in the event need to be recorded.  This form does not need to be completed if internal catering is used.

Please use these forms for reimbursement of foreign expenses:

Reimbursement of expenses (Euro) xls format - This form is for reimbursement of Euro expenses only.

Reimbursement of expenses (All other currencies) xls format - This form is for reimbursement of all other currency expenses.

If you have a  reimbursement of expenses enquiry please contact Payments Section on ext 3140. 

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