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The Finance Department

To apply for a Season Ticket Loan

Forms required:   Receipt of Season Ticket word format (Complete within one month of receipt of loan)

Contact details: Payments Section

To help you to pay for your travel to work, you can apply for an interest-free season ticket loan, it is available to members of staff employed on contracts of employment of one year or more.  Payment for season tickets will be made by direct transfer to the applicant's bank account, you can then purchase your season ticket on-line or at the station's booking office.

What happens next?

The expenses claim is routed to the Payroll Team who will check your eligibility and a deduction to repay the loan from your salary.   It then goes to the Payments Team for approval and payment processing.  On payment (within 7 days), you will receive BACS remittance advice via email to confirm.  The expense status is now "Completed".

Within one month of receipt of the loan you must provide proof of purchase of the ticket.  Send the receipt to Payroll indicating the expense transaction number.   Please complete the Receipt of Season Ticket  form word format

Conditions applicable to season ticket loans

  • Season ticket loans are available from Birkbeck to staff whose ticket will cover a period of not less than 3 months;
  • Repayment is by deduction from salary over 3, 6, 10 months but the repayment period may not terminate after expiry of the ticket or the staff member's contract, whichever is earlier;
  • If a borrower under this scheme resigns during the year, the outstanding balance falls due immediately and, if not recovered from any other source, will be deducted from any salary due to the borrower;
  • Payments for season tickets will be paid direct into the applicant’s bank account.  You will therefore be required to obtain the price of the season  ticket from the travel provider before completing your application.   For information on  Bus passes, oyster cards and travelcards, click on the following link TFL website, Tel: 0343 222 1234 and for Rail tickets and rail travelcards, click the following link National Rail website, Tel: 03457 484950;
  • The existence of this scheme does not confer any rights on any person to loans or advances against salary for any other purposes;
  • The scheme may be withdrawn on 3 months notice;
  • Season ticket loans must only be used for the purchase of travel tickets by staff with at least 12 months contract.  The Scheme will be strictly audited  and to ensure that the scheme is being properly used staff are required to  forward a copy of their receipt with the Receipt of Season Ticket form to the Payroll Section within one month of receipt of loan.  Failure to produce this will result in  the immediate  repayment of any outstanding element in full.

For any enquiries please speak to Payments Section on Ext 3140.



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