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Departmental Office 020 7380 3145.  Fax Number 020 7380 3221.

The Finance Department are based at Egmont House, Tavistock Place except for the Income Section and Student Fees who are based in Room G14, Main Building, Malet Street.

Section Areas of responsibility Contact details
Director of Finance

Responsibility for all aspects of the college's finance functions:

  • Financial planning, financial accounting and financial control.
  • Organisation and Management of the Finance Department
  • Ensuring compliance with all statutory obligations and external financial reporting requirements, liaising with internal and external auditors

Keith Willett
020 7380 3150

1st Floor, Egmont House


Deputy Director of Finance

Management of Payments and Payroll Sections.

Responsible for:

  • Financial Accounting
  • Production of annual accounts
  • HESA finance return
  • VAT Queries and quarterly returns.

Aarti Rayrella
020  7380 3049

1st Floor, Egmont House

Head of Management Accounts

  • Providing financial management information to budget holders within the College.
  • Assisting the Director of Finance in the preparation of College Estimates and financial forecasts.
  • Advise and assist College Schools and Departments in the management of their budgets and other financial matters.

Pat O'Donell (Interim)
020 7380 3246

1st Floor, Egmont House

  • TRAC/fEC costings
  • Costing of Teaching courses
  • College Insurance - All College insurance policies, including all claims.

    Policies include: Material Damage and Business Interruption; Employer's Liability; Public/Products Liability; Motor Policy; Engineering Policy; Professional Indemnity; Theft by Employee/Fidelity Guarantee; Legal Expenses; Personal Accident (Field Trips only); Terrorism; Travel Insurance

  • Advise and assist College Schools and Departments in the management of their budgets and other financial matters.

Neil Chamberlain-Keen
0207 380 3217

1st Floor Egmont House

Management Accountant
(Strategic Review)
  • Income Distribution Model
  • Programme and project costing
  • Advise and assist College Schools and Departments in the management of their budgets and other financial matters.

Svetla Mirova
020 7380 3147

1st Floor, Egmont House

Management Accountant

Malcolm Steele
0207 380 3264
1st Floor Egmont House

Assistant Management Accountant
  • Assisting the Management Accountant
  • Dealing with queries on Transaction Reports

020 7380 3148
June Molloy

1st Floor, Egmont House

Systems Accountant Responsible for the development of the College corporate financial systems (currently Bluqube for finance, SITS for student income/debt management and Alta HR for payroll);  

Lee Tomalin
020 7380 3142

1st Floor Egmont House


Income/Student Fees Section

Responsible for:

  • Collection and Receipting of all College income
  • Tuition Fee refunds
  • Banking of all monies received by the College
  • Petty Cash reimbursements
  • Internal recharges - postage & telephones
  • Raising sales invoices
  • Inter-departmental invoices
  • Sundry debtor queries and debt chasing
  • Miscellaneous online payments and refunds

020 7631 6316 (Option 3)

Head of Income
Susan Lomas

Deputy Head of Income

Senior Income/Student Fees Assistant:

Mina Shah

Income/Student Fees Assistants:

Matthew Banham

Matt Boyd

Fernando Franco

Sefanit Merkorewos

Yvette Maduka

Joanne Rodrigues

Yvette Welch-Alexander

Adam Willett


Petty Cash/Staff enquiries
- Income Counter,  Main Building, Malet Street

Student Fees enquiries -
- Student Centre, Main Building, Malet Street

Payments Section

Payments to suppliers and non-staff expenses:

  • Services invoices
  • advances
  • student awards and grants
  • non-staff travelling and other expenses
  • payment may be made in sterling or in any foreign currency, by bank transfer
  • Issuing season ticket loans

020 7380 3140

Payments Manager
Jennifer Kibwota

Payments Assistants:
Daniel Boston

Rashida Akhtar

1st Floor, Egmont House

Payroll Section

Payments to staff including staff expenses:

  • Payment of salaried employees, part-time teachers, demonstrators, invigilators, visiting examiners, staff expenses and issuing season ticket warrants
  • Advice given on National Insurance and Income Tax matters, Statutory Maternity Pay, absence for sickness and absence for Jury Service
  • Pension enquiries
  • Pension Scheme Information booklets, Application to Join forms and Opt-out forms supplied for new members of staff. Also Members' Wishes form.
  • National Insurance Numbers
  • Income Tax

020 7380 3136

Payroll and Pensions Manager
Antony Adelaye
0207380 3208

Payroll Officer
Susan To

Payroll Assistant
Nirmala Dheermojee

Temporary Payroll Assistant
Pamela Blandin

1st Floor, Egmont House


  • Procurement/purchasing enquires


020 7380 3184
Procurement Manager
Karim Meghani
3rd Floor, Egmont House

020 7380 3143
Procurement Officer
Bhavin Mistry
3rd Floor, Egmont House


PA to Director of Finance /Finance Administrator

PA support to the Director of Finance and administrator support to the Finance Department

Finance Administrator to the College's long-term and short-term investments

  • General enquiries
  • Obtaining hard copies of the Financial Regulations
  • Obtaining hard copies of the Financial Statements
  • Finance web site
  • Maintaining the authorised signatory list

020 7380 3145

Lucy Fernandes

1st Floor, Egmont House


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