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Arts Programme: Cultures and Languages - Industry Taster - Undergrad focus

Venue: Birkbeck Main Building, TBC

This event has ended.

This is part of a suite of workshops and events as part of the Arts Programme.

This event will feature an external speaker for an industry taster.

We are delighted to announce our Guest Speaker for the event Stefania Bochicchio

Stefania Bochicchio studied semiotics under the tutorage of Umberto Eco at Bologna University and completed a second degree in English Literature at Birkbeck University of London.

After being a professional music journalist for 13 years (press, radio and television) she devised the TV format of Rock Cafe', one of the most successful Italian TV youth programmes.

Stefania founded her company, Infallible Productions, in 2007, collaborated with the Italian section of the London Film Festival for the past 9 years and opened Draper Hall as one of the newest performance space in London in 2015, part of a complex project of communication and cohesion through the Arts.

She is a member of the Edinburgh Fringe Society and one of the UK co-directors of the International Theatre Institute, the largest Arts organisation in the world and part of UNESCO.

 The session has an undergraduate focus and priority will be given to finalists but is open to all.

The session will cover:

- "A Day in the Life Of.."

- Mapping Routeways into Work,

- Understanding industry family trees.

* Exclusive to Birkbeck Students*


We are delighted to announce our Guest Speaker for the event Stefania Bochicchio

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