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Law, Theory, Virus

Venue: Online

This event has ended.

For further details of how to join this event please visit Law, Theory, Virus or email Adam Gearey.

Law, Theory, Virus pulls together global response to the Covid crisis from scholars in Columbia, Brazil, the USA, the UK and the Greater China. Informed by various traditions of investigation, the objective of Law, Theory, Virus is to address the question: how is it possible to think the crisis that we are living through? What new horizons does thinking about the pandemic open up? Are the existing ways of framing ‘the human being’ adequate to our troubled times? What new vocabularies, and new ideas are required to plot the changing terrains defined by the pandemic? Law and policy are undoubtedly important in responding to the global public health crisis- and Law, Theory, Virus aims to generate ideas to think across jurisdictions and traditions; and to work between theory and practice. The grounding assumption is that – at very least- the pandemic requires us to think together; to this end, Law, Theory ,Virus is also dedicated to experiments in bringing scholars together in a shared, digital space. In this clean zone, Law, Theory Virus aims to encourage expansive thinking.

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