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Contours of Film Festivals Research and Methodologies: a live online conference

Venue: Online

This event has ended.

The live online conference (11 September & 12 September) will consist of panel discussions based on pre-recorded presentations by the conference speakers (available to view from 5 September).

Register for the conference to receive a link both to access the pre recorded content (from 5 September), and to participate in the live discussion panels (11 September & 12 September).


Conference organisers: Dr Dorota Ostrowska (Birkbeck, UK) & Dr Tamara Falicov (University of Kansas, US)


Click here for the conference website



Friday September 11

2.00-3.30pm (UK Time)

Panel 1: Methodologies in Film Festivals Research 

Chairs: Tamara Falicov & Dorota Ostrowska

Antoine Damiens (McGill University)

Dina Iordanova (Univerisity of St Andrews)

Brendan Kredell (Oakland University)

Maria Paz Peirano (Universidad de Chile)

Aida Vallejo Vallejo (University of the Baque Country)

Ger Zielinski (Ryerson University)


Friday, September 11 

4pm-5.30pm (UK Time)

Panel 2: Directions in Film Festivals Research 

Chairs: Tamara Falicov & Dorota Ostrowska

Alexandra Colta (University of Glasgow)

Marijke de Valck (Utrecht University)

Estrella Sendra (SOAS)

Katharina Kamleitner (University of Glasgow)

Skadi Loist (Film University Babelsberg)

Sarah Smyth (University of St Andrews)



Saturday, September 12

2pm-3.30pm (UK Time)

Panel 3: Film Festivals Practice: Curating, Programming, Archiving and Collecting


Jonathan Ali  

Maria Delgado

Anastasia Kerameos

Juana Suarez

Hebe Tabachnik  



Contact name:

Contact phone: 07952966050

  • Iordanova, Dina -

    is a Professor Emerita at the University of St Andrew's. Prof. Iordanova led the work on studying the dynamics of the global festival circuit, reflected in publications raning from special issues of Film International and Frames Cinema Journal, through edited collections in the Film Festival Yearbook series and the Film Festival Reader, as well as numerous shorter pieces, from book chapters in academic collections to opinion commentary in international print and broadcast media. She has given over thirty international talks on aspects of the international film festival scene and has served on a variety of film festival juries and boards.

  • Kerameos, Anastasia -

    currently heads the team responsible for the acquisition, cataloguing, care and promotion of the BFI Reuben library’s serials and e-resources collection. This collection includes journals, annuals, trade and film festival catalogues. She has a keen interest in research in the humanities from the perspective of information provision, metadata and the semantic web. After obtaining her professional degree in Librarianship and Information Studies at the Polytechnic of North London, Anastasia continued to study whilst working full-time obtaining a further degree in Hispanic Studies at Birkbeck and an MSc in Information Science at UCL. She is an active committee member of The Magic Lantern Society, CILIP’s Metadata & Discovery special interest group and a workplace union representative for Unite.

  • Paz Peirano, María -

    is an Assistant Professor in Film and Cultural Studies at Universidad de Chile, with a PhD in Social Anthropology from the University of Kent. Her research involves an ethnographic approach to film as social practice, focusing on contemporary Chilean cinema, film festivals, and the development of Chilean film culture. She is the creator of, the co-editor of the volume Film Festivals and Anthropology (Cambridge Scholars 2017), and she is the lead researcher of the FONDECYT research project "Festivals, educative experiences and the expansion of the Chilean field”.

  • Damiens, Antoine -

    is a FRQSC Postdoctoral Fellow at McGill University. His first book, LBGTQ Film Festivals: Queering Festival Studies, Curating Queerness (Amsterdam University Press, 2020) examines the political project and methodology of festival studies. Antoine leads the Feminist and Queer Research Workgroup within the European Network for Cinema and Media Studies (NECS). He co-edits the festival reviews section of the journal NECSUS.

  • Kamleitner, Kathi -

    completed her PhD about women's film festivals at the University of Glasgow. Her research focussed on historical and contemporary festivals and applied a mixed-method approach including feminist theory and archive research. She is also the co-founder of Femspectives - Glasgow Feminist Film Festival which celebrated its second edition in February 2020. Kathi is also a professional travel blogger and travel consultant with a focus on adventure travel and digital marketing. PhD thesis title: On Women’s Film Festivals: Histories, Circuits, Feminisms, Futures

  • Colta, Alexandra-Maria -

    completed her PhD at the University of Glasgow in partnership with the University of St Andrews and Document Human Rights Film Festival, a collaborative framework for the interdisciplinary study of human rights film festivals. She is also involved in film curation, working with the Scottish Documentary Institute, Document Human Rights Film Festival and Glasgow Refugee Asylum and Migration Network (GRAMNet)/BEMIS Film Series. She is also teaching film and television studies, curation and festivals. Before starting the PhD project, Alexandra studied media and cultural studies at the Centre for British Studies at Humboldt University. 

  • Smyth, Sarah -

    has recently completed her PhD thesis at the University Of St Andrews. Previous to this academic undertaking Sarah worked for 15 years as a film festival organiser in Ireland. Her professional experience encompasses managing operations and communications for Ireland's biggest red carpet film festival to being the Festival Director and curator of a rural film festival that happened in multiple locations and was staffed wholly by volunteers. Sarah currently works with the public funding agency for film and TV in Scotland, Screen Scotland, in the role of Executive Officer. PhD thesis title: Film Festivalisation: The Rise of the Film Festival in the UK’s Postindustrial Cities

  • Zielinski, Ger -

    lectures in the School of Professional Communication at Ryerson University, Toronto (Canada). He received his Ph.D. from McGill University, where he wrote his doctoral dissertation on the emergence and history of LGBT film festivals. He has been a visiting researcher or scholar at several institutions, including the Institut für Europäische Ethnologie at the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Tisch School of the Arts at New York University, and the Center for Comparative Literature and Society at Columbia University. Dr. Zielinski researches and publishes regularly on film festivals and film and media art. He is currently writing a monograph on the queer filmmaker-activist Rosa von Praunheim for McGill-Queen’s University Press. His current research project on digital film festivals is based at The Catalyst at FCAD, Ryerson University. He is a co-founder of the Film and Media Festivals Scholarly Interest Group, associated with the Society for Cinema and Media Studies (SCMS), and founder of the Toronto Film Festival Research Group of media and film scholars and graduate students.

  • Kredell, Brendan -

    is an Associate Professor of Film Studies and Production at Oakland University. His research and writing focus on the intersection of media and urban studies. With Marijke de Valck and Skadi Loist, he co-edited the book *Film Festivals: History, Theory, Method, Practice* (Routledge, 2016), and is currently editing *The Routledge Companion to Media and the City* with Germaine Halegoua and Erica Stein. He was a founding co-editor of *Mediapolis: A Journal of Cities and Culture*, and his research has been supported by a number of grants, including a Fulbright fellowship to study culture-led urban redevelopment in Toronto. Current research interests include a project mapping taste preference in the US home video market, and an ongoing study of the impact of cultural policy on film festivals.

  • Vallejo Vallejo, Aida -

    is an associate professor in the Department of Audiovisual Communication and Advertising of the Faculty of Social Sciences and Communication of the University of the Basque Country. She is a specialist in creative documentary cinema and film festivals, areas in which she has worked as a critic, screenwriter, consultant, researcher and teacher. She is the founder and coordinator of the Documentary Work-group of the European Network for Cinema and Media Studies (NECS).

  • Sendra, Estrella -

    is a scholar, filmmaker, journalist and festival organiser, currently working as Senior Teaching Fellow in Film and Screen Studies at SOAS, University of London and as Teaching Fellow in Global Media Industries. She teaches a wide range of film and media courses, including Global Film Industries, Global Media, Film Festivals and Film Curation, and African Filmmaking, among other. Since 2011, when she directed Témoignages de l’autre côté / Testimonials from the other side (2011), an awarded documentary film about migration, she has been developing a regional expertise in Senegal, with regular research periods in the country. In 2018, she completed her PhD on festivals in Senegal, which traced, for the first time, the history of festivalisation in the country. Her research fields include film festivals and global circulation of film, small film festivals, migration and rooted cosmopolitanism, gender in screen media, online screen media, African cinema, with a regional specialism in Senegal. She is interested in the link between pedagogy, research and practice, reflected in her application of audiovisual methods in research and teaching, such as video essays.

  • Loist, Skadi -

    is Visiting Professor for Production Cultures in Audiovisual Media Industries at the Film University Babelsberg ‘Konrad Wolf’ in Potsdam, Germany, and PI of the research project “Film Circulation on the International Film Festival Network and the Impact on Global Film Culture” (BMBF 2017–2021). Skadi co-founded the Film Festival Research Network (FFRN) in 2008, serves as Steering Committee member of NECS and Editorial Board member of NECSUS: European Journal of Media Studies. She has published widely on film festivals, queer film culture and gender media studies, and (co-)edited Film Festivals: History, Theory, Method, Practice (with Marijke de Valck and Brendan Kredell, 2016); “Teaching European Cinema: The European University Film Award (EUFA) Project” a dossier in Alphaville 14/2017; “Queer/ing Film Festivals” a special issue of Studies in European Cinema (15:1, 2018, with Leanne Dawson), and “Gendered Media Production” a special issue of Media Industries (6:1, 2019, with Deb Verhoeven).

  • de Valck, Marijke -

    is Associate Professor of Media Studies at Utrecht University. She co-founded the Film Festival Research Network and co-edits the Film Festival Review section in NECSUS. Her publications include Film Festivals: From European Geopolitics to Global Cinephilia (AUP, 2007), and Film Festivals: History, Theory, Method, Praxis (Routledge 2016). The co-edited book Art and Activism in the Age of Systemic Crisis: Aesthetic Resilience is forthcoming later this year.

  • Ali, Jonathan -

    I am the director of programming for Third Horizon Film Festival, a Caribbean-themed event in Miami. I am also co-founder of the London-based Twelve30 Collective, an initiative dedicated to screening Caribbean cinema in the UK. Previously I was a programmer at London's East End Film Festival and the Trinidad and Tobago Film Festival, among others.

  • Delgado, Maria
  • Suarez, Juana -

    is the Director of the Moving Image Archiving and Preservation Program at New York University (NYU MIAP).  She is a media preservation specialist and a scholar in Latin American Cinema. She holds a Ph.D. in Latin American Literature from Arizona State University, and M.A. degrees from the University of Oregon and New York University. Author of Cinembargo Colombia: Critical Essays on Colombian Cinema (2009), published in English (Palgrave, 2012), and Sites of Contention: Cultural Production and the Discourse of Violence in Colombia (published in Spanish 2010); co-editor of Humor in Latin American Cinema (2015). She is the translator to Spanish of A Comparative History of Latin American Cinema by Paul A. Schroeder-Rodríguez (Iberoamericana-Vervuert, 2020). She is currently working on a book tentatively entitled Moving Images Archives, Cultural History, and The Digital Turn in Latin America. She is the coordinator of, a collaborative digital humanities project on Latin American AV archives.


  • Tabachnik, Hebe -

    has been a film curator, producer and festival consultant for twenty years, and participated as a juror, project evaluator and panelist in the US, Europe, Latin America, Israel and China. She is Senior Programmer for the Seattle, Palms Springs and Cartagena International Film Festivals, and the Artistic Director for Cine Latino Minneapolis Saint Paul.

    Hebe worked for Sundance and Los Angeles Film Festivals and was the Director/Producer of the Guadalajara Film Festival in Los Angeles. She is part of the MSP Film Society Advisory Council and served in the Board of Dance Camera West. She gives workshops on festivals, film distribution and project pitching all over the world.

    As a curator and producer she seeks to empower visionary artists who build bridges of understanding through stories that highlight human rights and; social, political, environmental, justice and activism. Her latest collaboration as Executive Producer is the Brazilian film VALENTINA, the Debut feature by Cássio Pereira dos Santos, that will have its World Premiere at Outfest 2020. VALENTINA is an Inspiring and hopeful story of gender expression and solidarity that features the breakthrough performance of trans actress Thiessa Woinbackk.

    Hebe received a special recognition from the California State Assembly in 2012 and was awarded the 2015 Moving Film Forward Award presented by the National Association of Latino Independent Producers (NALIP). In 2020, Hebe was one of the inaugural ARRAY Now Grantees. The grants recognize some of the nation’s top community organizers and arts advocates working in independent film.

    Born in Buenos Aires Argentina, Hebe is based in Los Angeles, California.