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Conflict Reporting in the 21st Century

Venue: Birkbeck Clore Management Centre

This event has ended.

This unique event brings together leading conflict reporters, academics, photojournalists, film makers and investigators to discuss the main challenges and issues facing contemporary conflict reporting. The conference is taking place on 8th February 2020 at Birkbeck's Clore Management Centre in Torrington Square, WC1E 7JL.

Sessions will examine topics such as 'Civilians in modern war', 'Freelancing and conflict reporting' and 'Investigating war'. Speakers include the multi-award winning conflict reporters Janine Di Giovanni, Lindsey Hilsum, Ramita Navai and Chris Woods.  Break-out sessions in weapons identification, how to prepare for conflict reporting and basic first aid will be run. 

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  • Ramita Navai -

    Ramita Navai is an award-winning British-Iranian journalist, documentary producer and author. She has reported from over forty countries and has a reputation for investigations and work in hostile environments. She was the Tehran correspondent for The Times from 2003 - 2006, with five front page stories. From 2006 - 20012 she was a reporter on Channel 4's Unreported World, making twenty documentaries from countries including Afghanistan, El Salvador, Honduras, Egypt, Burundi, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, India and China. In 2012 she won an Emmy award for her PBS Frontline documentary Syria Undercover.

  • Janine Di Giovanni -

    Janine di Giovanni is an award winning author and journalist, a foreign policy analyst and a Professor of Practice at Yale. For many years she was a front-line war reporter, working in the most violent countries on earth.

  • Lindsey Hilsum -

    Lindsey Hilsum’s is Channel 4 News International Editor, and has covered many of the conflicts of recent years including in Syria, Ukraine and the Arab Spring. She was in Baghdad for the 2003 US invasion of Iraq, and in Belgrade for the 1999 NATO bombing. In 1994, she was the only English-speaking correspondent in Rwanda when the genocide began.

  • Chris Woods -

    Chris Woods is the founder and Director of Airwars, where he leads on research, investigations and military advocacy. A conflict specialist, he worked for the BBC’s Newsnight and Panorama as a senior producer for many years. Chris also set up and ran the Bureau of Investigative Journalism’s award-winning Drones Project. His book, Sudden Justice, charts the history of armed drone use in Iraq and elsewhere since 9/11.

  • Giles Duley -

    Giles Duley, Hon FRPS, worked as a successful fashion and music photographer for ten years. However, having become disillusioned with celebrity culture, he decided to abandon photography and left London to begin work as a full-time carer. It was in this role that he rediscovered his craft and its power to tell the stories of those without a voice. In 2000, he returned to photography, personally funding trips to document the work of NGOs and the stories of those affected by conflict across the world. In 2011, Duley lost both legs and his left arm after stepping on an Improvised Explosive Device (IED) in Afghanistan whilst photographing those caught up in the conflict. He was told he would never walk again and that his career was over. However, characteristically stubborn, Duley told his doctors “I’m still a photographer”, and returned to work in Afghanistan less than 18 months later. Duley has since documented stories in Lebanon, Bangladesh, Colombia, Iraq and Jordan amongst others. His work has since been featured in numerous papers and magazines, and he has talked about his experiences on television, radio and at several international and national events. His TEDx talk was voted one of the top ten TED talks of 2012. Duley is a Trustee for the Italian NGO Emergency and ambassador for Sir Bobby Charlton’s landmine charity Find A Better Way. In 2013, he won the May Chidiac Award for Bravery in Journalism and the AIB Founders Award for Outstanding Achievement, and was made an Honorary Fellow of the Royal Photographic Society.

  • Prof Tim Markham -

    Tim is a media sociologist with interests cutting across journalism, politics and philosophy. He has authored a number of books including The Politics of War Reporting: Authority, Authenticity and Morality (2012, Manchester University Press). He directs the BA Journalism and Media at Birkbeck as well as graduate studies within the Department of Film, Media and Cultural Studies.