Practice as Research Corkscrew Conversations: Gerrie van Noord (Birkbeck) and Dr Stuart Bertolotti-Bailey (Liverpool)

Venue: Keynes Library, Birkbeck School of Arts, 43 Gordon Square
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Over the course of 4 evenings in June current practice-based PhD students at Birkbeck will be in conversation with invited guests from a range of disciplinary perspectives including art, graphic design, medical humanities and creative writing. Join us in discussing the relationship between theory and practice in their research, explore how practice can be made visible and find out more about current issues practitioners face during and post-PhD.

20 June - Gerrie van Noord (Birkbeck) and Dr Stuart Bertolotti-Bailey(Liverpool)

Gerrie approaches her research from a practice as an editor of publications about or in relation to art. They are explored as jointly authored curatorial projects, rather than approaching them as purely material objects. This involves considering their possible position in relation to the discourse around curating and the curatorial as it has emerged over the last couple of decades, and also engaging with notions of authorship and relationality. Alongside reflecting on examples from her own practice, she examines a range of case studies from the 1960s onwards.

In 2014 Stuart completed a practice-based PhD in the Fine Art department at Reading University titled ‘Work-in-Progress: Form as a Way of Thinking’. Under the influence of Umberto Eco’s 1964 book of aesthetic theory, ’The Open Work’, his thesis loosely recounts ten years of work made under the name Dexter Sinister (together with his colleague David Reinfurt) in the grey area between art & design. Since then they have been working on a filmic adaptation of a piece of work described in the last chapter of the PhD, ‘The Last ShOt Clock’, which is concerned with ways and means of exiting regular modes of time.

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