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How to add your events

Birkbeck events system

Birkbeck's events system allows you to create your own event pages so that they appear in various locations on the Birkbeck website, including our central event feed.

This system is fully GDPR-compliant and should now be used in all circumstances. Please do not use Eventbrite.

Quick start instructions

  • Ensure that your event hasn't already been created by another staff member.
  • Log in to My Birkbeck for Staff. Select 'Events' from the left column, and then 'Manage events' from the central column.
  • Select 'Create an event'.
  • Enter the details of your event, being careful to proofread your text, select appropriate tags and an image.
  • Add any other staff who might need to edit the event via 'Manage editors'.
  • If you want to provide tickets, monitor attendance or charge a fee for your event, enable 'Booking options'. Be careful to select the correct audience for your event.
  • Save and publish.

View our full user guide (staff access only, via Sharepoint).

Tags and event display

  • By using tags as part of your event, you can control where your event will appear - this can be on the central events calendar (corporate website), on a particular School or Department site, or both. It can also appear on more than one School or Department site.
  • There are Department tags (which include Schools) and research centre tags. There are also keyword tags that help to classify the type of event. Any existing events that previously appeared on the central events calendar include a tag for it (the 'corporate website').
  • Please do not 'mass tag' your event in the hope that more people will see it. Tags are designed for displaying specific events on particular web pages, and other departments and research centres will not want your events to display on their page unless they are involved in them. Please tag only your own department/centre/annual event/topic.

Editing existing events

  • You will be able to edit any event you create, and you can also give editing access to other members of staff.
  • To edit an existing event, you'll need to temporarily retract the event from publication, edit it, and then save and publish it again.
  • If you wish to cancel the event, you can choose this as an option, which means it will still be displayed, but as cancelled.
  • You can also delete the event, which will remove it completely.


  • You can select an image from the extensive image library within the events system. Images will display on School and Department events pages, but not on the central events feed.
  • If you want a new image to display on your School or Department event listing, send it to , who will upload it to the event library. Images should be square, and 100x100px.

Ticketing, payments and room bookings

  • If you enable booking options within your event, you can provide tickets, specify audiences, view bookings and a waiting list, monitor attendance and notify attendees.
  • If you would like to charge a fee for your event, you will need to provide account, cost centre and sub-project information.
  • Student events will only be displayed within My Birkbeck for Students.
  • Please book any rooms you need for your events using the room bookings form before you create the event. We are intending to integrate these two systems as soon as possible, but for now you will need to continue to book rooms and create events separately.

About the events system

  • The Birkbeck events system was developed in response to a need for an in-house solution that met the requirements of the College community, particularly in light of changes to data protection legislation in May 2018.
  • The new system, upon initial go-live in July 2018, exactly duplicated the existing Plone event creation system, only accessed through My Birkbeck for Staff. The new system was further developed to include booking management, paid-for booking and waiting lists features, which went live in April 2019. This release also included the academic workshop calendar.
  • We are now working to integrate the events system with room bookings.

Further information

  • If you have any questions about using the system, please contact .
  • If you have any queries or problems with using images, please contact .